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Teazel: Fart-o-Matic! NEW VERSION

Teazel: Fart-o-Matic! NEW VERSION
Seller:bluestar [68/68]   Other items from bluestar
Selling Price:YS$15.00
Shipping:FREE Worldwide Shipping
Item location:SINGAPORE
Description:Fartomatic's new features include:
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction - deploy your farts within seconds for maximum comedy value (much less than 45 minutes) - you can fart till the cows come home
Time Delay - Need to delay the toxic release this is the feature for you - delay for up to 999 secondsfor maximum farting fun
Random Play - Perhaps you need to add a sparkle to your day, a random Fart keeps the doctor away.
Remote Control - now you are able to remotely control your Fart-o-Matic!


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