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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of YouSwopTM?

YouSwopTM has taken the age-old concept of barter to act as a third party, facilitating swopping between its members via a form of currency, that is YouSwopTM Dollars (YS$). Our main objective is to help our members to swop their unwanted items with something they want.

We aspire to create a Global Swop Community for serious Swoppers to swop anything under the sun anytime, anywhere and to nurture a borderless community of trust whereby individuals can swop their products and services with one another.

What is Swop and how does it work?

A simple explanation of Swop refers to the exchange of goods and services without the use of cash.

In YouSwopTM, you Swop "Sell" your unwanted items for YS Dollars (YS$) and use the YS$ to Swop "Buy" any items listed in the Swop Vault.

Alternatively, for exotic or collector items which does not have a price tag, you can contact the owner directly to do a one-on-one swop. You might want to watch the below video which showcase how a guy - Kyle Macdonald, swopped a Red Paper Clip for a House.

Red Paper Clip Video

Click here to view all the Pure Swop items.

How do I start my first Swop?

You can start Swopping by going to My Swop -> Post New Item to list your items to "Sell".

We encourage all members to offer Free delivery to Worldwide.

Why is the membership open only to invited personnel?

We want to build a serious and trusted community of Swoppers and thus it's only open to invited personnel. (Beta Stage)

If you are really serious to join us in Swopping, please send an email to and we will review your application.

How can I join YouSwopTM if I do not have the membership invitation?

The membership is open only to invited personnel, reason being that we wish to build a serious and trusted community of Swoppers. If you are really serious to join us in Swopping, please send an email to and we will review your application.

How can I get more Invitation credits to invite more friends to join YouSwopTM?

You can get more invitation credits by Posting items for Swop.

You will get 1 invite credit for each "Sell" Posting.

How much is 1 YS$ equivalent to?

1 YS is equivalent to 1 US$. You can go to to convert the equivalent amount in your currency.

How can I earn YS$ to swop for something I want?

Below are the two ways to earn YS$:

(i) Start posting your items to "Sell".

(ii) Invite your friends to join YouSwopTM and earn YS$5 for each Successful Invite. (* Up to maximum of YS$40)

* During the current Beta Test, there will be no cap on the Invite Earnings. You can earn YS$5 as long as your Invited Swopper signs up. (For a limited period only)

Will my YS Dollars (YS$) Expire?

Don't worry, there is no expiry on your YS$ accumulated.

You can Swop "Sell" as many items as you have now and Swop "Buy" it at a later stage.

Will I be charged for each Swop?

No. There will not be any charges for each Swop.

I don't seem to have any thing to Swop. What can I do?

You will be surprised that you can find many items to Swop when you look "harder" and "deeper".

Many of our Swoppers realized that they have tonnes of unused stuffs (both old and new) hiding away in their cupboard when they started serious Swopping. Eg. Unused Pens, Posters, Perfume Samples, Old Magazines, Music CDs, Movies or Games, Christmas Presents, Car models, Jigsaw puzzles, radios, Postcards, Keychains and lots more etc.

Can I Swop a Service instead of a Physical Product?

Yes. You can "Sell" services instead of a product. Eg. If you are a writer, you can swop your copywriting services at the standard market rate. If you are a web designer, you can also "Sell" your web design services. There is no restriction on your services as long as they are legal and do not fall into the Prohibited and Restricted Item list.

Can I pay cash to buy an item listed in the Swop Vault?

No. We only allow purchase using YS$ and you can earn YS$ by Swopping your unwanted or unused items.

It is our mission to build a cashless Swop Community.

Is there a limitation on the items I can Swop "Sell"?

Yes. You can refer to our Prohibited and Restricted Item list on the items that you are not allowed to Swop.

Can I charge delivery fees for my Swop "Sell" Posting?

Yes. You can charge a delivery fee during your posting but we highly discourage that.

Our aim is to build a cashless Swop community and we encourage all our Swoppers to offer Free Delivery.

How do I contact the other Swoppers?

You can go to My Tools -> Contact Swopper and send a message to the other Swoppers based on their user name.

An email containing your message will be sent to them.

What happens if I do not receive a Swop item?

We take fraud seriously and will investigate the incident.If we have reasonable doubts on the integrity of the seller, we will suspend his/her account and revert back your YS$. For any fraud report, please email

For any queries not listed in the above FAQs, please feel free to email


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